The Creation of Vittles Cream Cheese

Little birds chirped musically as a new dawn approached the Vittles’ House; carefully crafting his Berluti knot, Mr. Vittles slid his feet into his oxfords, and measuredly tested his weight on his encased feet to relish the fit. A debonair smile played on his lips as he closed his eyes, gathering his thoughts for the journey ahead. “May this voyage be my greatest!” he murmured, before tapping his feet twice on the polished hardwood floor. Always on cue, Alfred opened the carved mahogany doors, a dark blue suit jacket draped over his arm and a crystal bowl in the other.

“Fits well, doesn’t it Alfred?” said Mr. Vittles, as Alfred helped him into his sharply lined jacket. “Certainly, Mr. Vittles,” admired Alfred. He cleared his throat and gestured to the luminescent bowl he had placed on the Dutch Marquetry coffee table. “This is The Cream Cheese you created last night, Mr. Vittles.” Mr. Vittles picked up a spoon, scooping up a helping of the soft, decadent-smelling white cheese to taste. The world stopped for a moment; the clouds of dawn paused their perambulation, the birds halted their sweet twitters mid-song.

“This is it. I’ve finally done it. I’ve crafted The Cream Cheese!’ exclaimed Mr. Vittles as the morning’s light broke in through the windows, reflecting on the crystal cheese bowl and the birds orchestrated their songs once again. Alfred had never seen Mr. Vittles so excited. For it had finally been discovered and the world could at last indulge in The Vittles Company Cream Cheese!

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